The Ministry of Health and Sports stated that arrangements have been made for child patients to receive medical treatment for cancer diseases.
Yangon General Hospital and Mandalay General Hospital have been providing health care services to cancer patients for 15 years. Hence, arrangements are being made to give treatment to cancer patients at other general hospitals in regions and states.
So far, YGH has treated some 3,000 child cancer patients. The hospital charges treatment for 200 child cancer patients under 12 years in 2019. As some of child patients need to receive medical treatment for a long time, the YGH arranges a Hero School for patient children to learn educationand enjoy joyfulness.
Teachers from Hero School have been trained by foreign experts. Those teachers teach basic education in respective grades to the child patients every Monday and Wednesday, handmade and arts every Tuesday and telling stories for strengths of mind every Friday.
Currently, Yangon General Hospital gives medical treatments to patients of various types of cancer diseases. In so doing, the hospital provides treatment to patients free of charge
thanks to contributions of well-wishers.
Myanmar has passed three years of the ive-year cancer control plan. During the remaining two years, it needs to be better pathological efforts while the ministry must provide adequate volume of medical equipment to the hospitals.
Among the cancer patients, number of leukemia patients is the largest in receiving treatment at Yangon General Hospital. Treatment of leukemia achieved 70 percent in 2018.

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